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Vacation, May 2007. Myself and my daughter Shannon flew from Picayune, MS to Sparta, TN on the 1st day and from there to Frederick, MD on the 2nd day. Spend several days there with my sister Anna and Mom now staying at the Record Street Home in Frederick. We would return to picayune on a reciprocal flight plan. Except for some haze the weather was no problem.

  Gallery for Day One Arrived in Sparta TN.

    Gallery for Day Two Sparta to Frederick.

    Gallery for Day Three. Visit with Mom.

    Gallery for Day Four. Harper's Ferry. Movie1  Movie2

    Gallery for Day Five. Lancaster, PA , Harley Davidson Assembly Plant,

  Take aerial photos of the farm, Record Street Home Play- Staring MOM.

    Day 6 we took a hike up the Appalachian Trail near Harpers Ferry.

    Day Seven, Picture Day.

    Day Eight, Frederick to Sparta.

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