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There are two distinct groups of scientists looking at Global Warming. Tragically they disagree. The Geo Engineer group says we should do certain things to give us time to reduce the Greenhouse Gasses, and when that is in check, disband the Geo Engineering actions. The Tree Huggers just want the other group to go away while they make their futile attempt to force the entire world to reduce co2 output 80% by 2012, Or at least one of them says that. ref. Ottawa Lecture. 11.14.07.doc by Dr. George M. Woodwell

I have soften my view on the Tree Huggers, they mean well. And we should probably not just squirt the stratosphere with Sulfur unless there is just no other way. However I am afraid that day may be upon us if Dr. George M. Woodwell's 2012 tipping point is close.


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When we talk about the earth and global warming we must also talk about energy. Because in there lies the problem. I intend to look at energy for the U.S. I feel our goal should be nothing less than Energy Independence. The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 should push us in that direction now make your opinion known to the industry and law makers.

This is going to be big. I have just started gathering information and have put some links to look at for now. It is becoming clear why the Tree Huggers are so upset. There is a great wealth of options open to us and Government has been dragging their heels. Only now has the ball started rolling, that's the good news. Some say it will take an F.D.R. post depression effort to do the job and with some pushing, it may just happen.

Energy Independence could happen quick. We can power our cars with grain. Can the Easterners eat their oil?