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Sealy was in the shelter and on the list to be put down. A rescue in Normal, Il was willing to take in Sealy. She needed a ride of her life, literally. I contacted many Fosters and Pilots to make this trip happen.

Sealy Arrives at Foley Municipal Airport.

March 1st 2009

Charlotte and her two girls with Sealy.
Come on, jump! OK, Here we go.
The local shelter in Summerdale delayed in the disposal of Sealy to allow us time to transport her... to a rescue in Normal, IL.
On the ramp in Tupelo, MS after a grueling 3hr turbulent ride. Christian arrives at Tupelo.
He flew down from Evansville, IN. Nice Landing.
Cherokee on Steroids. The rescue aircraft on the ramp.
Jimmy Payne with Sealy

How was the ride Sealy?

Rough, Rough!!

Christian meets Sealy

Christian and Emil

Yea they look like Airport Bums.

Sealy is loaded in Christian's Cherokee 6-260 Off they GO.
Sealy at Christian's house after a good meal.

Pilots N Paws



Kylie please send this email to the pilots.

Hey guys.  I am in tears as I see the care and concern you are showing for Sealy in these pictures.  Although we will probably never meet, there has to be a special place in Heaven for guys like the both of you.  If that is your family with her on the sofa, please give them a big hug also.  You can just see the kindness and love in all the pictures.  That is what this world needs more of.  Thank you again so very much.  He is so beautiful.  Catherine as usual, again you have worked another miracle along with Kylie and the pilots.  

I have to quit crying now and get to work.  I will keep you guys in my prayers daily for your safety and again THANKS SO MUCH.

God Bless all of you.

Erma Huntley Rhodes