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Fly to Sidney OH, sure, but because the airport is closed for construction, we are leaving before daylight, OK. We drive the runway and taxiways in the truck. There is one clear access to the runway. And the runway is clear.

New Rnav airway, cool.

Near Full, Good thing.


5:42 AM I here a construction worker on the other side of the fence. It's time to go.
Full of fuel. GPS ready to go.   Let me in 1st baby.

Sunrise     Dayton Approach is miffed,

but not at me, some guy in a homebuild. Sidney airport in sight Cornfield / Airfield

Ospry V-22 Ospry V-22 Ospry V-22

Ospry V-22


Plaque Anna & Scott




And at the end of the day Anna chases the dog with remote truck.


Poor Dog!


So Evil!